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• Store and easily access all your essential pet information

• Record and graph your pets weight in Pounds or Kilograms

• Store Vaccination history and other medical information

• Create and edit Appointments that fully integrate with your iPhone or Android phone

• Manage and store important Contacts such as your Vet or Groomer that connect with your iPhone's Address Book

• Set Reminder Alerts for important Medication schedules

• View interesting Pet Trivia, Tips and Medical Information in your App. All curated and edited by Dr Moss Siddle.

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VetCheck is also available for Android on the Google Play Store!

New Version 2 now available of the most fantastic pet app in the app store! 

Keeping track of all your pets, dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses details, contacts, appointments and treatments has never been so easy. Spend your free time enjoying your pets and let VetCheck manage everything else. 

Developed by a real Vet, you can be assured that the information is correct, relevant and useful in helping you care for your pets. 

VetCheck is the perfect app to keep track and store all of your Pet information with fun features like human age calculation for your Cat, Horse or Dog. Now all that important pet information, like Vaccination history, is in your pocket, making this the perfect veterinarian produced app out there.

New for version 2:
Keeping up with all your Pets details is now easier, faster and more fun!
• All new Pet Dashboard with bigger images and faster access your Pets information. 
• Pet Essentials and Pet Personality Dashboard tools quickly give you access to your Pets more important details. 
• New email sharing feature to. Quickly Email all your Pets information and history to your Vet or Pet minder. 
• New larger and easier to read fully interactive graphing features and stats about your pets weight. 
• New Pet Status feature allows you to set Normal, Vacation, Leasing or Deceased statuses for your Pets.

VetCheck is the essential Pet Diary for all your animals. 

Key Features: 
• Store and easily access all your essential pet information including recording and graphing your pets weight in pounds or kilograms. Enter your pets age and see their age in human years. 
• Store your pets Vaccination history and other essential medical information. 
• Manage and store all your pet associated contacts that connect with your iPhone’s Address Book. 
• Create and edit appointments that integrate with your iPhone or Android phone calendar and send reminder alerts for treatment schedules. 
• View fun pet trivia, care tips and medical information in this fantastic Veterinarian produced App for iPhone or Android phones.

Available now on the App Store

Available now on the App Store